Winter 14-15 Skills & SAQ

Winter 14-15 Skills & SAQ

10 sessions beginning Dec. 5th – Feb. 27th (no sessions Dec 16th – Jan 4th)


Skills ($150): Friday’s 5 – 6:30pm at Winston**
Indoor SAQ ($150): Friday’s 6:30 – 8pm at Winston**
Outdoor SAQ w/ Mike Hawkins ($250): Sundays 12 – 1pm at Germany Park
Combos – 20 sessions ($375):

  • Skills & Outdoor SAQ w/Mike Hawkins
  • Indoor & Outdoor SAQ w/ Mike Hawkins



Winston School – 5707 Royal Lane, Dallas, TX 75229
Germany Park – 6401 Lomo Alto Dr., University Park, TX 75205


We highly encourage you to participate in both the Skills and SAQ programs.

The Skills program focuses on the refinement of your athlete’s skills. These foundational fundamentals (passing, shooting, and dribbling) are crucial to the success of a well-rounded, multidimensional basketball athlete.  Whether beginning, intermediate, or advanced, these essential fundamentals are vital to developing and most importantly maintaining skills.  The greatest athletes in the sport, spend time working on their skill set daily, as they recognize how crucial it is to keep their skill set sharp.

The SAQ program focuses on making your athlete stronger (strength), faster (quickness), and more agile (agility).  Developing their strength, agility, and quickness will make your athlete more explosive on their first step, help them play effectively thru contact, change direction with more fluidity and proper footwork, and help them reach their greatest potential of athleticism. It will increase your athlete’s confidence, self-esteem, and interaction in teamwork settings. It will improve foot speed, quickness, speed changes, and directional change. These are just a few ways that SAQ will benefit your athlete’s game. It will increase their balance, dynamic flexibility, functional core strength, control, and reduce their risk of physical injury by improving their body mechanics. The full list of benefits is extensive. For a more extensive overview of the benefits, please take a moment to read the following.

SAQ Outdoors with Mike Hawkins is a steal of deal. Through the Hurricanes program, you are getting the best training at minimum cost. Mike will take care of the outdoors SAQ program – taking your athlete through drills to improve their strength, agility, and quickness through outdoor workouts.  This would normally cost you $600 outside of the Hurricane program!!!

SAQ Indoors with our resident Skills and SAQ coach Ashley Frazier will compliment Mike’s outdoor program nicely. It will integrate what your athlete learns from Mike’s outdoors program into basketball SAQ drills on the hardwood. Ashley’s indoor program will show your athlete how to transition their outdoor training into their game on the basketball court.

Both programs work cohesively together. The success your athlete will see, will have a direct correlation with the time they spend working on their skills, combined with their development in their Strength, Agility, and Quickness.  These programs will best benefit your athlete through year-round participation. Going in and out of the program will hinder progress. The best athletes in the world, basketball, football, baseball, etc., at all levels (high school, college, and pro) supplement their skills training with SAQ because it’s necessary to play at the highest of levels. It’s highly likely that your high school programs will require additional training outside of practice.

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