Post Camp


Post Camp // Focused instruction on how to position yourself to be effective from 15 feet and closer. This is not limited to post position players. We highly encourage our guards to attend this too. This basketball camp for kids grades rising 6th – 12th.

The HurricanesDallas Post Camp is a training camp for players who want to learn the skill sets of a being a dominant post player. This camp will focus on teaching our athletes how to establish position, read the defense, and how to finish powerfully in the paint or 15 ft from the basket. We will also discuss the POSTS leadership role on defense, and discuss and teach basketball IQ principles, such as, but are not limited to: how to use your feet to get open, how to establish good rebounding position, how to capitalize on mismatches, how to pass out of double teams, and how to get to the free throw line.


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