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Below are Press Releases, Blogs, and Media Outlet’s postings of the Hurricanes athlete’s, teams, and our standings at local, regional, and national tournaments!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

SMU Mustangs : Morgan Smith Commits to SMU



2017 Girls Write-Up: 

Dallas Hurricanes #TJShowcase South Congress Champs


Dallas Hurricanes #TJShowcase South Congress Champs

What better way to close the morning session as I head to HBU for the final day of camp than to do a piece on the ladies in orange.



Ellen Margaret Andrews Write-Up:

EMA was #AutoAwesome for Hurricanes

Google+ is also helping me with my Tip Sheet as three have been captured from the #TJShowcase.




2019 Dallas Hurricanes Texas Tower runner up #TJShow…

Like any strong storm, the Hurricanes kept bring the pressure and that pressure helped them all the way to the finals.




Hurricanes HS team brings mix #PrimeTime

The Hurricanes HS squad was another team that simply got after it and with players ranging from 8th graders to juniors, they certainly showed they could…




Hurricanes show signs of being more than a storm #Prime…

Claire Rattan showed some signs of being a point guard you will be hearing a lot about as she saw the flooor, handled the pressure and read the defense for…




Hurricanes more than tropical storm at Girls Got Game #D…

The Hurricanes 2017 squad showed a lot of heart and ability last weekend and with several players showing next level ability, they managed to stay in the …




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