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How to use this Resource Library:
Grab a journal and a pen! Reading articles is pretty straightforward but using the information you’ve learned by applying it to daily life and your game is the key! Every athlete should have their own basketball journal where they can record key notes about what they read so they can look back and reflect on some key points to remember. This journal should also be used as a personal inventory of their own scores on drills they repeatedly do as it’s vital to track the progress they are making on the drill.

Benefits of Tracking Your Scores:

  • Provides clear, statistical data on your current skill level.
  • Gives clear evidence on when a plateau has been reached, with a skill level being maintained but no real improvements being made.
  • Identifies specific skills or techniques which require special attention or extra practice.
  • Motivates a scorer to put more effort into small incremental improvements.

Performance tracking tells you where you are today in comparison to where you were yesterday, and gives you the information you need to be better tomorrow.

Your athletes should be familiar with many of the videos below. For example, Shooting Series is an 18 minute workout we typically do at practice, usually with 2 partners. We have posted videos and included revised workout suggestions due to social distancing that will help them accomplish the drill individually if it normally requires partners.

How to Create a Workout When You’re Unfamiliar with Drills.
If your athlete is unfamiliar with a drill, I would encourage them to grab that journal and pen, and while they are watching the video, make notes of the following:

  1. The move
  2. The duration (whether it’s makes, takes, or time)
  3. Note your score

It’s okay if they have to slow down and re-watch the videos a few times – or even stop in the middle of a drill to re-watch it.

We also encourage them to be creative with the space they have. If they have to alter a drill in a way to make sense for your usable space, that’s perfectly acceptable!

Articles & Skills Video Resource Library

Hurricanes Articles:

Hurricanes Skills Video Library: … and growing! We will continue to release new content as we can. Be sure to follow us on social media to get the most up to date videos.

Ball Handling – click here
Bank Shots – click here
Baseline Finishes – click here
Finishing Moves Progression – click here
Individual Workout – click here
Jab Series – click here
Mikan Series – click here
Post Moves – click here
Passing: Off A Wall – click here
Plyometrics – click here
Rebound Put-backs – click here
Shooting Warmup – click here
Shooting Series – click here
Tennis Ball Handles – click here
Wall Tap Series – click here

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