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College: San Diego State University
Position: Guard


Maryann Wahhab was born and raised in San Jose, California. At the young age, Maryann became a competitive swimmer and diver, but it wasn't until her years at Castillero Middle School did she start playing basketball. In the year 2000, Maryann graduated from Pioneer High School as a tri-sport athlete in basketball, waterpolo and swimming. She helped her basketball team to 2 conference championships. She was selected 1st-team All League all 4 years and was a 2 time team MVP. She played on the Santa Clara County All-Star Team her senior year and the following summer she went overseas and played for The Sporting Club. She continued her basketball career at DeAnza College until she sustained a career ending injury during her first season.

No longer allowed to do heavy weight-bearing exercise for the next few years, Maryann transferred to SDSU and joined the Rowing Team. She won numerous medals including a Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association Conference Championship. In 2005, she received the Malik Award, which is awarded to the San Diego State University Aztec athlete with the highest G.P.A. In May 2006 she earned a B.A. degree in Communication and Sociology.

Maryann's faith is an important aspect to her life. During her high school years she was involved with Young Life, a Christian Ministry for High School aged youth. Her first year at SDSU, she was involved with Refuge, a college-aged ministry, and was asked to join their leadership team. Serving on Refuge leadership for 3 1/2 years, Maryann also attended The Flood Church in San Diego, and served as a media/web techie for The Flood Night Services.

In the summer of 2004, Maryann spent the summer at Kanakuk Kamps, a Christian Sports Camp based out of Branson, Missouri. She was a sports photographer for Kanakuk Klassic, in Shell Knob, Missouri. While there, Maryann grew spiritually, intellectually, and in her faith, as she woke up to the beauty of Christ every morning. Currently, Maryann is a member of Watermark Community Church.


College: Southwestern AG University
Position: Guard


Alix began his college career at Frank Phillips College where he played 2 years of Varsity Men's Basketball and begun studying Business Administration. While playing at Frank Phillips he recieved an award for Most Coachable player. He moved onto Southwestern AG University where he played yet another year of Varsity Men's Basketball. He graduated from Southwestern AG Univeristy in 2007 with his degree in Business Administration. He continued his basketball career by playing a season for Dallas Diesel Men's Semi-Pro team.

College: South Dakota State
Position: Track & Field

Accomplishments: Athletic and Academic - 3.6 GPA, Herman Lerdall Economics scholarship, 4x all-conference high jump, regional qualifier - high jump 2009,

Hobbies outside of basketball: scuba diving, reading, permaculture

What did you do to make yourself a better jumper? I started lifting in the mornings rather than after practice so that I was fresh for both. I started getting proper rest. Most importantly, I got proper nutrition. This meant staying hydrated and getting a quality recovery meal after every workout as well as keeping a close watch on my protein to carbs to fat ratio. Another important thing was getting into the training room consistently - icing, getting my legs rubbed out, and getting ultrasound.

Why do you love coaching?: I love taking things to the next level. If I can look at an athlete and say, "There is definite improvement in x,y, and z areas." then I have helped that athlete take a step forward and that is rewarding for me.

College: Mercer University
Position: Guard



College: Dallas Christian College
Position: Guard

Whitney played multiple sports growing up, but it was not untill she moved to Texas in 2003 did she really begin to take Basketball serious. She played for Flower Mound High School, then decided to play AAU Basketball for team Inferno throughout highschool as well. She played a huge role in the win for North Texas Regional champs. After High School, she began college at Dallas Christian College where she played Soccer,Basketball and Volleyball. She was awarded most valuable player in Soccer and Most Improved and Best Spirit awards in Basketball. She Graduates December 2011 with a Business Administration degree and her
Teachers Certification. She plans to continue college by going to Physical Therapy school and recieving her Doctorate in PT.

College: Central Christian College
Position: Guard

College Attended / Played Basketball: Central Christian College, (McPherson, KS)

Accomplishments: Student Assistant Coach for Central Christian College

Hobbies outside of basketball: I love to work on old cars, making crafts off of Pintrest, and helping my husband mow!

What did you do to make yourself a better basketball player? I worked on ball handling when I was watching TV, doing home work, and any where I went I had a ball in my hands. Also, playing in as many pick up games as possible!


College: Dallas Christian College
Position: Guard

Roderick has been playing basketball since he was in the 4th grade. He was born and raised in Paris, Texas and moved to Dallas to attended Dallas Christian College and conitnue plaing basketball. His last year of playing, the Men's team went to the ACCA National Championship and came back as the ACCA National Champs. He graduates December of 2011 with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, and continues to pass his basketball knowledge along to the teams he coaches as long as he lives. He is currently working at Advantix Solutions Group and
hopes to move up in the business world.



College: Cedarville University
Position: Shooting Guard

Named to All-Conference Second Team, 2010; All-Conference First Team, 2011; NAIA All-American Honorable Mention, 2011

Personal life: Enjoys spending time with his wife Mallory & dog Theodore Alan. Matt also plays competitive slow pitch softball, and loves to golf in his spare time.

Worked for improvement as a basketball player through practice and research in watching live and recorded basketball games. This allowed for development in reading movement and positioning of players on both offense and defense specifically: defensive positioning, movement on both help side and ball side, and how to properly read cutting off of screens, curls, and flares.Matt also spent time watching film of his personal basketball showings to evaluate his strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement. Extensive time was spent in the gym both during and outside of the basketball season, averaging anywhere from 500-1,000 shots a day. Special focus was also placed on personal fitness through weight training, conditioning, yoga, Zumba, and distance endurance.

Matt has a strong passion for coaching. He feels strongly about the opportunity to coach because it allows him to help both individual athletes and teams as a whole increase their skills, court awareness and basketball IQ; equipping athletes to grow to their fullest potential. As a coach, Matt wants to help each athlete develop a skill level to allow him or her to compete at the competitive level of their desiring, be it high school, college, or beyond. Most importantly, Matt desires to help build the character of each athlete to create smart, humble and well-skilled basketball players both on and off the court.



College Attended / Played Basketball: Richland College/U.S. Navy

Position: Guard

Hobbies outside of basketball: Staying active Playing every sport under the sun..

What did you do to make yourself a better basketball player: took my time, stayed patient, and continued to push myself.

Why do you love coaching: the lessons that are taught and learned, from Coach to player and player to coach.

Coaching Philosophy:
The Hurricanes coaching philosophy is to be consistent in our expectations, to be prepared as possible to preform as well as possible, and to learn as much as we can about our players and the game.

We emphasis discipline. Be a disciplined basketball player.

With quality coaching and disciplined athletes our teams will be fundamentally sound. With proper fundamental skills our athletes will develop the necessary skills for on-court execution, good court awarness, and a greater understanding for the game.