3 on 3 Tournament

Paint The Gym Red
3 on 3 Basketball Tournament


When: Saturday June 21st, 2014

Time: All day ; Games will begin at 9am (8am if needed / necessary)

Where: Greenhill School – 4141 Spring Valley Road; Addison TX

Entry Deadline: Thursday June 12th, 2014

Entry Fee: $200 per team ** All tournament fees will directly benefit Red Sports, Inc, a 501c3 non-profit organization that is running basketball camps in Mexico this summer 2014.

Divisions: Youth Division: 3rd grade and up!  Adult Division: 18 yrs old & older !

Please make checks out to: Red Sports

Please write your TEAM NAME in the memo of your check.

Please mail check to:
Red Sports
13600 Cobblestone Drive
Dallas TX 75244

Registration Form: click here

32 team maximum registrations
4 game guarantee ; pool play or round robin based on entries.

T-shirts: Will be given to ALL participants

Prizes: For the Winners of each Division


3 on 3 Rules:

Game Length: 10 mins games

Games are to 15 points and win by 2 or TEN minutes; whichever comes first.


All Divisions: Fouls and violations will be called by an official of the tournament.


Points: All baskets are worth 1 point, including three point shots.


On the 7th foul, every foul thereafter earns a free-throw. 1 Free-throw per foul. Free-throws are worth 1 point.  After the free-throw, the ball goes to the defensive team.

If a player is fouled in the act of shooting and the shot is made, a point will go to the team and a free-throw will also be awarded.

Team Roster:

You may have up to 5 players on your roster. You may NOT play with anyone not listed on your roster. Doing so will result in an automatic forfeit for that game.

Time Outs:

Each team is allowed 1 timeout per game.


Substitutions are allowed on dead-balls only.


Rock Paper Scissor – best of 1 wins starting possession.

Jump ball will be on alternating basis.

Ball changes possession on every made basket.

Dead-balls are in-bounded at the top of the key.

All possessions start by “checking” it in to the defense.

You can pass or dribble after receiving the ‘check-in’ pass from the defense.

Change of possession, you have to clear it to the top of the key. There will be a mark on the floor.

3 second lane will be enforced.

Tie Score at the end of 10 minutes

Sudden Death Free-throws to determine winner. The team that did not win first possession of the game will shot free-throws first.

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